Pete Higgins

About me

Hello, my name is Pete Higgins and I am an experienced Ruby developer from Seattle. Besides programming I enjoy a good beer, an awful pun, other people's dogs, and weird internet humor. My current technical interest is studying systems programming through learning Rust.


Lately I've been working with Ruby, Golang, and TypeScript, but I have been developing web applications with Ruby and Rails for close to a decade. Before that I loved Python and Bash, and before that I did my undergraduate degree in computer science from BSU with C and Java. In my career I've been the head of QA and a team lead, and I've worked at a government agency, a large corporation, small startups, and a consultancy. I most recently spent 4 years working at Chef. I am a co-organizer of Seattle.rb, the Seattle Ruby Brigade, the longest running Ruby meetup in the world.

For more details, see my resume or linkedin.


Say hello

The best ways to reach me are email and twitter.